Youth Garden Project

Youth Garden Project

 Coming Soon 2018

Whatever Comes Naturally is partnering with the Mukwonago Community Library to build a Youth Garden at the library. I’ve been concerned about the decline of nutritional content from our mass produced food supply.  With the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides we have been slowly destroying our soil for decades now. Properly cared for soils have a complex life structure with a full spectrum of nutrients to grow healthy, nutritious food which in turn will grow our bodies strong and build our immunity against disease.

Our goal is to engage the community in organic food production for optimal health and nutrition. We will explore soil health, seed selection, water quality, necessary tools, chemical-free pest and weed control, companion planting, beneficial insects, harvest utilization, community spirit and much more. Being able to instill in our children a love for growing things will increase the next generations food independence and a healthier next generation.

We are currently in the planning stages now but would like to build 4 to 6 raised beds approximately 4×6 feet. We plan to have a monthly program geared toward youth ages 5-12  (this is a family effort so all ages are welcome) where we will spend a little time learning about gardening, do a craft and work in the garden. There will be a sign up sheet for families willing to sponsor a garden bed with weekly or even daily maintenance during the growing season. And let’s not forget harvest! If you are a garden sponsor you definately get to nibble while you work plus we have some cool projects planned for harvest too.

If you are local and would love to participate please contact the Mukwonago Community Library @   (262) 363-6411 or Whatever Comes Naturally @ 414-881-2205.

Local People Growing Local Food For A Healthier Community

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