Legend of Thieves soap and spraylegend-of-the-thieves-picture

Don’t get stuck this cold and flu season without proper immunity; not only will this soap give you a great lather but will also help ward off those pesky sicknesses in the process.

Lovely Lavender


Yes it smells as good as it sounds! This is a great addition to your shampoo collection. Heck, get rid of the rest of your shampoos made with unnatural, unhealthy ingredients that you can’t even pronounce! With this soaps rich lather and lasting lavender scent this will be a favorite for both the ladies and the fellas.





     Amazing Hemp

01amazing hemp soap&shampoo

No need for weed! this awesome soap has a high of its own.  This is high in so many good oils to keep you clean and moisturized all day long. Use as a shampoo for healthy locks or to soften up as a body wash.

                                     Orange Patchouli


Whether your roughing it in the woods or kicking back on the couch this great soap with bring back more then just memories from the 60’s. It has a wonderful combination of both earthy and fresh citric tones.

                                        Pumpkin Spice  (fall/winter seasonal)


As fall comes around everything has pumpkin in it so why not a fresh pumpkin puree soap that is great for your skin. You will be tastefully in season and feel great doing it. This soap will make a perfect gift for anyone.

                    Into the Forest (fall/winter seasonal)


One of my favorites its like taking a hike on a beautiful fall day without leaving your shower.

                                                  Sunshine and Honey


If the sun could have a smell this would be it! Such a bright and happy combination it will have you smiling! This is definitively a multi purpose soap lathering up for a sweet shampoo or a body wash. So good for your hair and skin thanks to the raw honey and ground oats.

                                                  Soothing Calendula

soothing calendula

The soap making oils have been infused with our own Organic Calendula which has wonderful healing properties that have been used for centuries to sooth most skin issues and irritations. I personally have used this to treat eczema and cradle cap but its uses go above and beyond those. Amazing no matter the skin type always keep a bar on hand.





                               GREEN TEA W/SPEARMINT

green-tea-soap  Special! Soothing! Silky! This soap is made with green tea which is high in A and B vitamins as well as oils that are rich in omega fatty acids which gives you antioxidant properties that can reduce signs of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. (always in combination with a healthy life style)